Monday, July 25, 2011

on the economy

On the economy

When the state of the economy is at an all-time low, the best way to bring it to a point where it can no longer be reversed is by increasing taxes and usage fees. That is, precisely, what is being done all over America.

The Federal government, though not increasing taxes directly, has come up with so many fees and fines that everyone, including the poor, has less money available for living expenses than ever before. It just isn’t quite as visible as a direct tax increase would be.

The States and smaller municipalities increase usage fees for nearly every item or service that the average person needs on a daily basis.

Do these increases, be they taxes or fees, generate revenue for the various governments? No. As costs go up, usage goes down. Less usage results in less income and greater frustration for both the government and the governed.

What’s the solution? Printing more money isn’t one of them. It just devalues the money itself and reduces buying power and, ultimately, increases debt.

Here’s a solution that will work but will never be implemented by government. Give every head of household a one-time “gift” of fifty thousand dollars. Eliminate public assistance programs and keep on those entitlement programs that people have paid into (Social Security, Medicare, Veteran’s assistance).

You, now, have $50,000 of disposable income with which every family can pay their daily expenses, make purchases for cash and, even, pay down their credit liabilities. This will lead to greater opportunities for providers of product an services to employee the unemployed, raise income for those who are employed, raise retail sales levels, etc., and bring in greater tax and fee revenue. At the end of only one year, each of the recipients should, with some exceptions, be able to maintain themselves.

On the other side, government must eliminate all but the most necessary agencies, give those who will be unemployed the same $50,000 and let politicians make their own coffee and pay for their own lunches, etc. Eliminate the for-life status of the elected politicians and institute term limits for everyone.

If this doesn’t work……………….let’s try something else next year. Whatever the outcome, it can’t be any worse than what we currently have.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Up and Down / Round or Flat

The Round Earth Theory:

Scientists have concluded that the earth is round. In part, I would agree. However, if you fully accept that concept, you’re missing a very significant fact.

Let’s take a walk on any street or highway. You will note that, as far as your eye can see, the land is flat. If you’ve been to enough places, it would be fair to conclude that, wherever you are standing, it is also flat. Even that flat piece of land is, to some degree, above sea level. In other words, the area between the sea and where you are standing is elevated. Ok, great. That gives credence to what? It doesn’t give credence to a flat earth nor does it prove a round one.

Let’s climb Mount Everest…nearly 9000 feet above sea level. Hmmmmmmm, just how “round” is the earth now, if you factor in the height of mountains. The “face” of the earth is, at best, spherical. Spherical is not round. A globe of the earth is round. Why? Because the globe-maker, with the best intention of being accurate, cannot incorporate all the mountains, hills, valleys and craters that compose the land space called earth.

Let’s go out into space. From a particular point in space, any point in space, only a one-dimensional view of the earth is visible. Yes, it shows a slight curvature to imply that the rest of the earth is just like that point-of-view and, it may well be. However, it is still only a one dimensional view that can’t and doesn’t take Mt. Everest into consideration.

My own conclusion is that the earth is both spherical with highs and lows and flat wherever you are standing.

Ok, never mind. Don’t even think about this. We have bigger fish to fry.

The Up-Down theory:

When you’re standing in front of your house and you look at the sun, moon, stars, etc. they appear above you (up). So, you (we) conclude that there is both an up and a down in the universe; the sun is above the earth. Period. Wait a minute. You never went to the moon or any place “out-there. But, if you did and if you were to look at the earth, it too would be above you.

Let’s go to China; the bottom of the earth. Hmmmmmmmmm, no one is falling off the planet. How strange if, indeed, it were the bottom. Go to Africa or any other place that appears to be on “the side” of a globe…ah, that man-made globe again.
People don’t fall of the earth in China and they don’t walk on an angle attached to a track to keep them from falling off sideways.

Up and down is a concept. Period.

Saturday, July 16, 2011




1. POSSIBILITIES: Anything and everything is a possibility. There is, absolutely, no limit to what is possible in this universe. What is, often, limited is our ability to be aware of more than just a few out of the endless and countless possibilities that abound.

2. PROBABILITIES: Within the massive realm of the possible, there exist fewer, but still numerous probabilities. These are determined, to a large degree, by external circumstances and by, a lesser degree, of being able to function within the realm in which they exist.

3. OPTIONS: After determining both possibilities and probabilities, a "weighing process" is engaged upon in which the former are put into relative perspective and taken to the next phase.

4. SELECTION: This is the part in which one begins, in earnest, the process which, ultimately, leads to decision making and, finally, to choice and realization. Once, having selected from the many, the time has come for moving to the next step...thought.

5. THOUGHT: Is the process in which we list, mentally or on paper, everything that has brought us to this point with regard to this, particular situation. We weigh the, now, potential pros and cons to the best of our knowledge. Having done this, we move on to the next step...deciding.

6. DECISION: after the culmination of the entire process, up to this point, we make a decision, based on the former. That decision becomes our one and only choice.

7. CHOICE: Is the ONE course of action that we have selected, by reason of thought and decision and the one which we are now obliged to see through to fruition. There can be ONLY one choice for any ONE situation and it is always the correct choice, regardless of the outcome.

8. REALIZATION: at this point, or in the future, the choice made will be reflected on the screen of life that we call the "world". Once, realized, this process has ended with absolute finality and can not be corrected, fixed, altered, modified, etc. Once realized, a new 8-step process must be undertaken and, that, based upon new information received in the realization of what began with endless possibilities.

1. unlike the old expression, the truth is that the means justify the end not the other way around.
2. That which is based on poison fruit can never produce quality offspring.
3. Justice is not to be pursued. Rather, it is to be lived.
4 Hope is a belief that someone will perform miracles for you. Faith is knowing who it will be.
5. No matter that it appears to be from mankind, it is from G-D alone, by acting through mankind.
6. Call it what you will, it all traces back to our creator
7. It isn't "seeing is believing". Rather, what you believe you will see, you will see.
8. Knowing is not a matter of the brain. It is a matter of the heart. The brain knows nothing to be fact but the heart knows it all to be so or not.
9. The skin speaks. Just listen to it itch and flare up.
10. When your stomach speaks to you, pay attention. It, too, knows the truth.
11. More important than "was the Bible written by men" is that it was written for man.
12. Regardless of when the Bible came into being, it really, first, comes into being when it is read and lived by.
13. We can not define G-D for to do so with human understanding is to negate His G-dliness.
14. Evil lives, only, in the minds of men. It is a side effect of free will.
15. There is but one choice. The one which you made. The rest were options from which you chose.
16. Choice is the decision you made from the myriad options within the realm of possibilities.
17. Choosing is an absolute. Either you choose one possibility or you choose another.
18. "Trying" is nothing more than a meaningless word. You, either, do it or you don't.
19. Blaming someone else for your condition is possible only if you don't exist.
20. No one can step all over you, unless you lie down on the ground.
21. No one can force you to do their bidding. Given the information at hand, you made the
decision to do so or you did not.
22. For each of us, the world came into being on our birthday. The reality is that it has always been here and, for that matter, so have we.

23. Every new scientific discovery ages the origin of the earth by many thousand years. It is amazing that they can make such a statement when, at best, recorded history is 5768 years old and that number is based on the Book of Genesis.
24. No matter how you count, the root is always one. (ask someone skilled in gamatria)
25. There are 10 Commandments. Dedicate yourself to numbers 1 and 5 and the other 8 will be automatic.
26. "One" is an absolute number. All else is either part of that "one" or different from it.
27. Two "ones" may join and act from a position of strength and unity. However, each "one" is separate from the other.
28. The air you breathe is the same air breathed by another. Since breathing is the basic ground rule for living on this planet, by our very act of breathing, we become one with all.

on words


We tend to use words as if they don’t make an impact on everything. When we say things like “You’re a pain in my neck”, “This is killing me”, “I can’t do this” we are setting a physical component in motion. Literally, what we say is what we see.

It is written: “With a WORD G-D created the universe”. (He spoke it and it became visible). This is true of every word we use to describe our journey through the life process. It is best to think carefully before speaking, in order to create a world that is more pleasant to live in.

Picture the external world as if it were a blank sheet of paper or a movie screen. It is empty of all expression of thought. We fill this screen or paper with thoughts that are expressed in words and, without fail, the thought/word take on physical form.
Change the thought/word and the form changes too.

Thought leads to word which leads to physical manifestation. What more than this do you have to know in order to create the life you choose?

The presence of G-D is within every word. Realize that as fact and choose words of blessing over those that curse.

spending an revenue

Father and son:

A man, who worked his way through college and grad school and became the CEO of a major corporation, earning $200,000 per year send his son to college and pays his entire tuition out-of-pocket. The kid can go to school free and clear of any future debt.

After five years, the son, finally, graduates with a degree in fine arts (BSFA) and returns home to live. The economy being what it is, he can’t find a job in his field.
He had never given any consideration to turning his degree into a money-making ability. Clearly, we was unqualified for any well-paying job and, of course, anything less than that was not for him.

Dad, out of love for his son, tells him that he can remain living at home and that he would give him 5% of his gross income for as long as he needed it. He gave him a pre-paid debit card worth $10,000.00. Needless to say, the kid goes through the money like a knife through butter…after all, it was free so why not.

When the ten thousand is gone, within three months, the son goes back to the father and asks for more money. When the father has a fit, the son sys, “come on dad, you have far more than you actually need and I’m piss poor. You should give me what I need.” So, dad relents and gives his son another $10,000…now’s he’s given up a full ten percent of his gross…….you know it………three months later, the kid is broke again and, again, asks for more money. He never found a job and he never learned to not spend what he didn’t have.

That kid is our government and that dad is the taxpayers. WAKE UP!!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

On Oneness


Despite common belief to the contrary, everything in this vast universe is connected into a “unit of one”. The pebble, thrown into a stream, eventually, merges with the oceans that are, also, connected by their tributaries and, in “time”, will return to the place from which the pebble was thrown.  True, it will not be in our “lifetime” but, certainly, within the scope of eternity.

We tend to see things as being separate and self-defined.  Yet, they are not.  Each thing exists within a physical space which is connected, merely, by virtue of its existence within that space, to another thing.  For example, the chair on which you sit is connected to the floor on which another chair is being sat on.  Moreover, that person seated, as well as the chair itself, are connected by the non-physical air that exists everywhere on this planet.  The breath that you exhale is the breath that the other inhales and the words that you speak are heard by and make impact on the others in you proximity.  In turn, the one who hears your words passes them on to, yet, another person or group ad infinitum.

Taking this concept beyond the physical universe leads us to question whether or not what we say reaches even the furthest known property in, what we call, outer space.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cause Priori


Everything in existence does so as a result of cause priori-first cause.  Nothing is possible without something or someone being at cause.

Simply speaking, a car can not exist without a cause priori.  The car doesn’t just appear out of nowhere.  Its appearance as a material object is the result of the technology and labor that went into assembling all of the parts that are necessary in producing the end product called a car.

The technology is the result of education and experimentation.  All three of these “things” have a cause priori called “thought”.  Thought or thinking is the cause of anything and everything in the physical universe.  Thought is the cause, even, in the non-physical universe but that is for later.  The components and parts that result in the existence of a car, also, are the result of the technology and skill required to take basic elements and transform them into usable objects.  This, too, requires thought as a cause priori.

We are now at a place where we can question where thought begins or, the cause priori of that process.  We begin with the human being and his or her brain and, many, say that the brain is the primary cause for the car. It is and it, also, isn’t.

The brain is a receiver and transmiter of energy and information. In other words, the brain does nothing more, or less, than process and communicate information.

We speak of the human “mind” as if it were an object within the human body.  Clearly, it is not.  The “mind” has no locus; no location anywhere within the body. It is external to it and, moreover, impossible to see with the five senses attributed to humanity (sight, smell, taste, hear, feel).  Therefore, it is appropriate to state that the “mind” does not exist within the physical universe.  The “mind” can only be “seen in the wake of its passing”.  We know the “mind” exists BECAUSE things exist.  That “mind” is actually THE MIND of G-D or, for all intents and purposes, the MIND IS G-D.

I contend, therefore, that G-D is the cause priori of everything and that “he” created its potential to exist in a state of nothingness (no-thing-ness) and that the locus of that state is nowhere within the universe as we know it.  What becomes more and more apparent is that “nothing” and “nowhere” is the actual state in which G-D exists unto “himself”.  Even the two descriptive words “nothing” and “nowhere” allude to G-D being the cause priori.  Nothing is, actually NO THING and nowhere is actually NOW HERE.

What about evolution? One might ask with defiance.  Obviously, the process of evolution is a clear reality.  That is not the issue here.  The issue is in understanding that, even, evolution had to have had a cause priori.  It did not self-create out of nothing. A non-thing must have caused the conditions in which the process operates.

What about the Big Bang theory?  That, too, as implausible as it is, must have a cause priori that created the bang.  Clearly, an unknown and unfathomable cause priori had a “hand” in all of it.

Think about this and draw your own conclusions.